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First foods printable

Need some on-the-spot inspiration? Download and print our handy list of Magic Foods (and remember what foods to avoid!).

Magic Foods for baby-led weaning →



Teething can affect your baby's appetite. Try these tricks to turn meal-time into pain relief.

What to feed a teething baby →

Best BLW recipes

Introduce some new flavours and textures to baby with these easy (and freezer-friendly!) BLW recipes. 

Baby-led weaning recipes →


Best feeding gear

Up your game (and simply your life!) with these BLW gadgets.

Get the gear →

Handling mess

Is the mess doing your head in? Learn these hacks to make life easier on yourself (and your floors).

12 tricks to deal with the BLW mess →



How to have a safe mealtime - and reduce the risk of choking. 

Safe mealtimes →


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