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I'm Brandy, the mama behind Little Gourmet, and this is wee man, who is my little gourmet.

We started our baby-led weaning journey in 2014, when wee man was just over six months. Feeding time quickly became our favourite part of the day - just me and him, sat together, enjoying some lovely grub and 'conversation'. I was endlessly fascinated and entertained by his responses to certain foods, and soon became just as obsessed with preparing meals for him that would meet all his nutritional needs.

I spent my maternity leave in a flurry of research, cooking, feeding (and cleaning), all while watching wee man grow into a lovely little boy. 

In late 2014, I returned to work and have been working full-time since. Our family is lucky enough to have a stay at home dad, who spends his days with wee man when he's not toddling about Forest Nursery.

I started Little Gourmet in 2016 frankly because I missed baby-led weaning! And I wanted to share all that I had learned about infant and toddler food, nutrition, and healthy eating habits.

Wee man has blossomed into a healthy and rambunctious toddler now, and I can still see the benefits from BLW in the way he approaches food now as a three year old. 

Little Gourmet is #PRfriendly and open to working with brands, if it's the right opportunity. Little Gourmet is focused on infant and toddler food, nutrition and healthy eating habits. If you have an opportunity you think is a fit, you can use the contact links at the bottom of this page. Please keep in mind we have a full disclosure policy for any compensated (financial or product) content and we expect you to be on board with that approach!

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If you're a blogger who would like to guest post, get in touch with a proposed topic and overview! I'm also happy to create original content for guest posts, so do get in touch (links at footer of this page) if you're interested. 

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