About the Mess....

You will almost definitely experience more mess than with traditional spoon-feeding. Although all parents, regardless of feeding method, experience splats of food on the walls and stains on clothing, BLW certainly delivers something special in this area!

Here are a few rules of thumb to help you deal with it:

  1. It won't last forever. The first six months of solids will keep you busy on clean-up mode. But because BLW focuses on children learning their own dexterity and developing their motor skills, you can expect this to tail off after their first year. My three year old still leaves a mighty mess on the table most meals, but thankfully, gone are the days of avocado on the ceiling (yes, really).
  2. A good bib and splash mat will save your sanity. While there are no special purchases needed to start baby led weaning, getting a full-sleeve bib with a crumb catcher and an easy-wipe splash mat will make your life SO much easier. Here are our family's favourite gear
  3. It's actually a bit fun. Your little one will not just be eating food, they will be exploring. They will be smushing, smearing, stirring, and sometimes throwing. Every exploration, no matter how messy, leads to learning and often to fun. So join in. Make a mess. Don't stress. These days will soon be in the past so enjoy it, in all its squishy glory, while it lasts!

So good luck, godspeed, and stay sane!

PS - If you're looking for tips and tricks learned from our family, here are 12 Ways to Handle BLW Mess.


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