My baby is 7 months old and doesn’t yet seem ready for solids. Should I be worried?


You might find that your baby is not as instantly interested in solids as you thought they would be! There are a few things to keep in mind. 

First, all babies develop on different schedules. Some babies show signs of developmental readiness earlier than others. 

Second, solid food should be mainly for ‘fun’ in the first year - baby’s primary nutrition will continue to come from milk. As long as your baby is growing and developing as they should, you can take that as a signal that milk is meeting their needs well. Sometime after six months, babies start to need more iron and zinc than can be provided in breast milk, so adding small amounts of solids helps to meet these needs. Keep offering food as soon as they are developmentally ready, but keep up with your regular milk feeds as normal. 

And of course, always speak to your GP or health visitor if you are concerned! 

Learn how to introduce solids to your baby

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