My baby is constantly hungry and milk doesn’t seem to be enough. Time to start solids?


Not necessarily. Growing babies have ups and downs in their appetites. Growth spurts and “wonder weeks” can often mean that your baby will become a real guzzler for your milk during certain periods of time. While cluster feeding can be exhausting, it is entirely normal!

If your baby is under six months, and growing and developing as they should, you should feel confident that milk is meeting their needs.

Even once you have introduced solids, remember that in the first year they will only complement - never replace - your milk feeds. So take cues from your baby and don’t reduce milk feeds or stop breastfeeding on demand just because solid food has entered the picture! And don't give into the myth that solids will help baby sleep through the night - it's simply not true

Appetite has little to do with signs of readiness for solid foods. Get familiar with the developmental milestones to judge whether babe is truly ready.

Learn how to introduce solids to your baby

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