Beautiful bibs that combat feeding time mess

We went through SO. MANY. BIBS. in our house over wee man's first few years. Between copious amounts of dribble, food stains and spit-ups, we cycled through a ridiculous number of bandanas, but they saved his lovely shirts and onesies! 

I've just discovered Amazon's Handmade store - they are now selling gorgeous artisan-created products - and they have a prolific amount of soft and stylish bandana bibs. Have a look and support creative entrepreneurs: 

They also carry beautiful teething necklaces for babies to have a chew on - great for baby-wearing or breastfeeding mums. Some are made from BPA and food-grade silicon, others from natural wood and crocheted cotton - either are perfect for easing the sore gums and teething discomfort that usually coincides with weaning. And they look nice for mum too!

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