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Let's Eat: First Foods, Made Easy - Online course, coming soon!

I've been cooking up something very special: a new online course for parents who want to introduce foods to their babies, the baby-led weaning way. 

In 2017 I launched First Foods Fundamentals, a 5-day free email course. Over 2,000 parents have now been through the course and I've heard such amazing feedback. The common theme seems to be that FFF gave you the confidence you needed to handle all that comes with weaning, and a good foundation of knowledge as a starting point. But, while First Foods Fundamentals offers a taster introduction to weaning your baby, I know that many of you want more.

More information on some of the most-knows: nutrition, what to feed and when, handling baby's safety while eating, and so on.

But even more so, you want more information on how to handle some of the biggest challenges that can come along with this milestone moment: fussiness and food fads, throwing and dropping food, handling the BLW nay-sayers (they come out of the woodwork, don't they?!), digestive issues and the dreaded post-weaning nappies, maintaining milk feeds during weaning...the list goes on. 

And perhaps most importantly, you want more guidance on how to leave behind some of the negative food behaviours and beliefs we as parents don't want to pass on to our children. Important stuff!

So, months in the making, here it is!

Let's Eat: First Foods, Made EasyYour step-by-step course to building a happy, healthy and confidently eating baby - from day one!

  • 9 video lesson modules that break down baby-led weaning in the simplest terms and make introducing first foods a snap.
  • Packed with first foods and snack ideas for meals that you can share with baby (and the rest of the family, too!)
  • Exclusive online first foods support group so you can ask questions and share experiences.
  • 8 helpful printable downloads help you take key learnings into your kitchen and use them on-the-go, providing inspiration for those I-have-no-idea-what-to-do moments.

I'm gearing up to launch the course in Spring 2018. If this sounds like it would be helpful to you (or a parent friend!), do sign up. You'll get special pricing for being an early bird :)

First Foods Fundamentals: A Free BLW eCourse!

Today marks the launch of something very special: First Foods Fundamentals, an online baby-led weaning course! If you're getting started with introducing solids, or considering how you'll tackle first foods with your baby, do sign up here:

This course is less about BLW foods and recipes and more focused on educating parents about how to use first foods introduction as a path to long-term health and wellbeing for their babies.

Our relationship with food shapes SO much about our health: from our physical fitness, to our resistance to illness, and even our emotional well-being. The food choices and eating habits we establish with our children - from the very start - begin to shape their long-term preferences and attitudes toward foods. 

So if you'd like to make the weaning journey a mindful one, do hop over to the course page and sign up - link below. It's free! You'll get five jam-packed lessons and loads of helpful resources. My goal is that you approach first foods with all the confidence and mindfulness you can. 

Please do share with mum and dad friends who are also contemplating the weaning journey with their little ones! And let me know what you think as you go through the lessons, I'm so anxious to hear your feedback :)

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Why choose baby-led weaning over spoon feeding purees? [INFOGRAPHIC]

For a long time, there had been very little research to support the benefits that many parents claimed that baby-led weaning had for their child. As interest in BLW has grown and the approach became more popular, more studies are looking at the connection between a child's first foods and their health, development and eating behaviours. I've compiled a lot of this information at Benefits of Baby-Led Weaning, if you're deciding with which path to take. And today, I've created an infographic which summarises the highlights and may help you make your decision!

Why introduce solids with baby-led weaning? Baby-Led Weaning Benefits [INFOGRAPHIC] - Click for full-size!

Ready to start baby-led weaning?

Get the ebook Let's Eat: The Simple Guide to Baby-Led WeaningLet's Eat is packed with information, tips and a quick-start guide - everything you need to know to give your baby a nutritious start to solids, the baby-led weaning way.