Why choose baby-led weaning over spoon feeding purees? [INFOGRAPHIC]

For a long time, there had been very little research to support the benefits that many parents claimed that baby-led weaning had for their child. As interest in BLW has grown and the approach became more popular, more studies are looking at the connection between a child's first foods and their health, development and eating behaviours. I've compiled a lot of this information at Benefits of Baby-Led Weaning, if you're deciding with which path to take. And today, I've created an infographic which summarises the highlights and may help you make your decision!

Why introduce solids with baby-led weaning? Baby-Led Weaning Benefits [INFOGRAPHIC] - Click for full-size!

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Balanced meals for baby: Nutrition on a plate [INFOGRAPHIC]

I'm so ecstatic that the First Foods: Nutrition Guide and the Magic Foods for Baby-Led Weaning infographic have been so widely shared and downloaded! I spent a lot of time researching and compiling the information found in those two resources so I'm pleased that so many parents are finding them helpful in their weaning journeys. I'm incredibly passionate about raising healthy eaters, and I know how much work it can be for parents to learn the ins and outs of introducing solids.

When I began our baby-led weaning journey with wee man, the ONE thing I couldn't seem to find was some solid advice on what to serve on any given day to meet his nutritional needs. As wee man began to scoff more and more food every day, I was never confident that what I was offering was what his little body needed to power all the growth he was going through.

So, my friends, I present you with this infographic, based on advice from a number of brilliant resources including NHS and the American Academy of Pediatrics. While I'm most definitely not a nutritionist or dietician, I'm an excellent internet sleuth and I've based the following on the best evidence I could dig up. Of course you should always consult with your GP or health visitor to check what's best for your child. 

Have a gander at the infographic below, and check the end of this post for a FREE DOWNLOAD printable!

Click to expand! Balanced Meals for Baby-Led Weaning [INFOGRAPHIC]

Click to expand! Balanced Meals for Baby-Led Weaning [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The Magic List of Baby-Led Weaning Foods [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here's a handy baby-led weaning guide you can print and stick on the fridge to remind you of the best first foods to try with your little one, along with the foods to avoid. 

It's a biggie, so click to expand. And if you enjoy it, don't miss the printable version download below. 

Click to expand! [INFOGRAPHIC: The Magic List of Baby-Led Weaning Foods]

Click to expand! [INFOGRAPHIC: The Magic List of Baby-Led Weaning Foods]

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