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Hello, I'm Brandy, the mama behind Little Gourmet. And, maybe like you, I was completely overwhelmed by how to introduce my wee man to first foods.

It was really important to me to help him build adventurous taste buds, a nutritious diet to power his development, and a healthy relationship with food - from day one! Personally, I've had a terrible relationship with eating - from overeating to sugar addiction to emotional eating. I certainly didn't want the same for him!

So I spent my maternity leave completely obsessed with learning about nutrition for infants and toddlers, weaning methods, complementary feeding, and all the social and developmental benefits that could come with the right approach to eating. 

The mindset shift behind baby-led weaning was a complete light bulb moment for me - and wee man has really benefitted from all the lessons BLW taught the both of us :) 

I'm super passionate (ok, borderline evangelical!) about the BLW approach. No spoon feeding, rewarding, pleading for ‘one more bite’, or other methods that can be tempting to use to ‘lead’ mealtimes. BLW is all about self-feeding that builds a positive experience at meal times.

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