When to introduce solids

Look for these tell-tale signs that baby is ready to give solids a go. These outward signals indicate that baby's digestive system has matured enough for solids. 

  1. They are at least six months old. WHO guidance recommends waiting until six months to begin introduction of solids, and to treat solids as complementary to breastmilk (or formula). 
  2. They can hold their head upright, without assistance or support. 
  3. They can sit upright, supported or unsupported. 
  4. They can grasp objects and bring them to their mouth.
  5. They've lost the tongue-thrust reflex. This is the reflex that causes a baby to push out its tongue as an object is placed in its mouth. In early life, this keeps them safe from choking on foreign objects. 
  6. They can 'tell' you that they are full. They push away a bottle or the breast, turn their head away, or otherwise make it clear that they are finished!

Some babes will be ready at six months, others won't. Don't rush it!


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